DIY $2 Hanging Planter

June 17, 2016

-- Plant lady is the new cat lady.--


 I've been wanting to try my hand at making a hanging planter so yesterday I finally did it, and it was so easy and satisfying I thought I'd share it with you!


 Fist things first, I found this Jute rope at Target,( so if you're not the kind of person who finds themselves at craft stores often you can always snag some on your next trip to Target.)

and a nice little white pot at Ikea.


Only $2 spent and getting to go to my favorite stores, already this project rocks!



 Step 1:

Cut 6 pieces of rope, approximately 35 inches long depending on where you want to hang it.

Step 2:

tie them into a knot about an inch and half from the bottom


Step 3:

Divide them into groups of two, measure them to about 5 inches and tie each group of two at the 5 inch mark


 Step 4:

Now you have 3 groups of rope, divide them back into 6 and tie each string to the ropes to the left and right measuring 3 inches out. I placed the pot in the center during this step and tied the last rope with the pot in it.


Step 5:

Gather all six ropes at the top and tie into a loop. 


Add a Plant!

(This artificial fern is from ikea $9.99)

and enjoy!

Looking to add a little more plant love in your life, here's a list of my favorite planters and plant stands.

1. Target Planter stand $32-$64 on Sale now

2. Urban outfitters Plant Stand $29

3. IKEA hanging pot $7.99

4. Ikea Macrame pot hanger 

5. Target hanging pot $13.60 on sale



 1. Urban Outfitters gold $39

2. Ikea Stackable hanging planter $9.99

3. Ikea 2 pack hanging planter $24.99

4. Urban outfitters Wood bead hanger $14 on sale

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