August 17, 2015

In this world of creative blogs and pinterest, we have access to so many wonderful and beautiful  artists  doing their thang and  blowing our minds. As  a fellow artist and entrepreneur, it could  be easy for me to feel insignificant  and to let self-doubt creep in as I push myself out there into that world.  

Finding a way to be inspired by each other and not compare or belittle each other , finding your own inner strength, while being empowered by others who are doing the same, that's what I'm on a mission to do. That's what my watercolor prints are about.
What ever you do, what ever your job is, own it.  Love yourself, push yourself, and be remarkably genuine.


"Comparison is the Thief of Joy."

Let's Celebrate others and ourselves!



I've made these watercolor memes of some of my favorite inspirational ladies to  emphasize the idea that we can be inspired and encouraged by  their strengths, victories and  efforts to share their genuine beauty with the world

Alison is a professional party planner, cookie maker, and generally brilliant good time gal. Her hip thrusting  and messy house sharing help me remember to ENJOY life.  What's the point in conquering the world if you're not enjoying the process. 


Disney is a long time favorite, and has the ability to make anything and everything beautiful and fun. I think it's because that's an accurate reflection of who she is. She is  the sweetest blogging friend I've made.  Rolls with what life throws at her  with Faith, tremendous heart and contagious kindness.


Jen's iconic plus sign quilts are just plain 2 legit. She is such a go getter and a rockstar in the 'start your own business and brand' world. Her work ethic and ownership of her craft is one I only hope to parallel .


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