Positively Awesome Video

September 3, 2015


Today, all of us are faced with negativity. Whether it comes from home, school, work or sometimes total strangers,  humans can sometimes act like evil pink robots, destroying your creativity and happiness. Sometimes, and perhaps even worst of all, is when we become our own evil pink robots and create an atmosphere of doubt and self hate in our own minds. But there is something powerful and amazing that can defeat even the most awful of Robots (or internet trolls!) and that is love and positivism. 

I believe  even the
worst of rainstorms produce rainbows; darkness only serves to make the light brighter; and a little girl really can defeat an evil pink robot with her big heart and that is what this music video is about. Share it, and change the world, on pink robot at a time.


Bring Positive vibes into your own home,

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A special thank you to 4 legit, Ryan and Paul Richardson for filming, editing, acting and adding your own creative spark to this video. Thank you Colt, for helping me find the message and meaning behind my work, You help me better understand why I do what I do. Lastly, thank you to my family for helping me paint, cut and glue, and supporting me in my crazy ideas. All my love. Xx 
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