Be-Weave In Yourself Tote DIY

July 21, 2015


Happy Monday! Here's a little DIY love for ya. While thrifting the other day I found this beautiful pile of neutral grey rugs, with pops of neon in them. I immediately knew they would make beautiful bags so I snatched a few and took them home with me.


To turn these rugs into a beautiful tote:


1. simply fold the rug in half and using a thick embroidery thread to hand stitched the edges. There's something really cathartic to me about hand stitching.


2. When the sides were all sewn up, I turned it inside out and boxed the bottom of the tote, you can learn how to this here.


3. Next, the tote needs a handle. Because the bag was grey woven, with pops of color I chose leather straps to add a new texture and natural element. You can also use old straps from a beloved purse or shop around for new ones!





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