Motivational Memes

June 19, 2015


Recently our family on my husband's side discovered the brilliance of group texts as a way to show support for each other despite living in different states. There were things going on in our lives that sometimes required laughing together, crying together, wanting to punch something (or someone in the face) together and naturally this meant sending each other memes and GIFs. There is only so much you can express in a text but


a meme is worth a thousand words.


I loved the humor, encouragement, and support that these memes offered and thought it would be great to have that sort of visual inspiration as a motivational art walk in my artistic workspace. 

And so I started to paint some of my favorite memes, movie quotes and puns, to hopefully share with you some of that encouragement and love.


I knew all those years of watching way too much TV and movies would pay off someday!


I love watercolor memes. They are unusual, funny, but pretty and artistic.

What are some of your favorite quotes, memes, or puns? Maybe I will paint them!


Motivational memes available at my etsy shop TheSpanishLady and as merchandise at

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