Shop Local

June 8, 2015

I love it when I find the perfect shop close to me where I can buy unique and fun items. When we first moved here we went to check out the closest farmers market, which led us to this quirky 'ghost town' street in Moss Landing, CA. We call it a 'ghost town street' because the buildings are old, have a lot of character and almost appear as though they were built with the idea that a town would boom up around them. Right off the ocean, the perfect spot, and yet there really isn't much there. Surrounded by farms and marinas, it sits with all its charm, alone. It has a feeling of being abandoned and I love it. The shops there are full of beautiful, often handmade merchandise. One particular shop called Driftwood is my favorite because most of the items it has are local or etsy found items. It has a very organic and thoughtful selection of art, jewelry, and home decor. I'd love to see something of mine in a shop like this someday...maybe someday soon.





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