June 4, 2015

Sometimes, when I get an idea to do something artistic,  I have a million ideas at once, other  times I have that initial teasing thought and nothing else.  Often  I need  to be inspired by  people or things around me, so  I keep this in mind while I paint, sew,  make.... Things that are surprising  and real wake me up, spark  that interest and  keep me wanting more.  

My brain is a big mess of
spaz-a-ma-jazz and it helps if I:
1. Dont' just  think, do.  If  something keeps coming back to my mind, do it, try it make it, sketch it. 
2. Outside sources, such as music, food, smells, or inspirational pictures can help focus a specific idea or thought 
3. Force one of  my  talented  friends or family to give me advice or an opinion, or be a muse for me.

When all that fails I know it's time to get outside and take a break.....or binge watch on netflix.


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