So you think you can throw an Oscar Party?

February 1, 2015

Happy Oscars! Want to throw a killer party? Gotcha covered.

 {Oscars 2015 Pinterest Board to help you create an unforgettable Oscar's Party}

>Back Drop<

To create a mood and transform your home, I recommend creating some sort of large backdrop.  It makes a focal point for the room and will put people in a party mindset. 
 To make mine I used a roll of black foam board and painted the gold frame. I found the idea here.

>Food & Drink<

When considering food for the party, I use these questions to help me plan:  


Does it feel special?

Is it decadent?

Easy to to eat (and still converse?)  

Does it have movie nostalgia or ties to any of the current movies nominated?

If I don't have the time of desire to make the food myself, Trader Joes has some great finger food . You can also go to Joanns and get some edible gold glitter to add to your food, giving it a little extra Oscar glam.  

If you are going to do a classic like popcorn and licorice, elevate them with fancy black licorice or unconventional popcorn flavors.

Now, perhaps my favorite part:


For Mocktail recipes go here!

For new recipes stay tuned, I will add more after this year's Oscars.

 >Dress Code<

Not everyone will stick to it, but this tip also helps to put people in party mode. As important as your decor, it creates atmosphere. Your dress code could be as simple as Dress Nice. Some years we've had themes like Paris in the 20's. This year it might be Star wars, who knows?

>Photo Booth<

Our Family, I'm sure like a lot of movie loving families , have our favorite quotes that are a part of our everyday lives. Prior to the party I asked everyone to text me some of their favorites and  cut them into quote bubbles for a fun photo booth. 
































Ballots make all the difference and provide a fun activity as well as some friendly competition.










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